Lift with your legs, not your back!

21 Nov 2019

Lift with your legs, not your back!

The coaches at Crossfit Nika are starting a new series, “Ask a Coach,” where will be answering the internet’s most popular questions regarding fitness and health. I’m up first with, “Should tall people do deadlifts? Is it bad for their backs?”

The short answer is: YES! Everyone should do deadlifts, tall people included. And: No! Not if you know how to lift properly.

The picture attached to this post is me, doing a deadlift. I’m a tall female, five foot ten and three-quarters.

Now for the long answer. Let’s start with, what is a deadlift? Basically, it’s picking something up from the ground. I remember my entire life my mother yelling at me to lift with my legs not my back. I did not understand how to do that even though it seems pretty straight forward until someone taught me how to deadlift. Worked properly, the deadlift focuses on glute and hamstring strength, and will protect the back from potential injuries from sport and life unlike any other exercise. Now, tall people do have a long distance to pick something up from the floor, but the deadlift is by no means less safe due to height. I’m a tall person and the deadlift is my favorite lift.

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