Yesterday Sucked

25 Mar 2020

Yesterday Sucked

I have officially been working from home for three (business) days now. Yesterday was the absolue worst. I cried a lot and at first I couldn’t figure out why.

I’m an anxious person, so the virus situation has me worried but it’s underlying at this point. I’m not thinking about it in the front of my mind. It’s creeping in the back of my mind (wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay away from strangers). So what was in front of me - work tasks, felt overwhelming.

I tried to take my dogs for a walk outside but it was so hot and my old guy wouldn’t move at a consist slow pace, so that felt pointless. Then I came back to my computer to find an annoying email, and I lost it. I cried. My other pup tried to console me. Then my husband came home and I cried more. I asked him to hug me but he refused because he had been out in the public and feared his clothing could be contaminated. I lost all composure and put a pillow over my face so my mom would not hear the absolute sobbing I was doing. I cried so hard, I think I hurt my ab strain a little more.

But after I cried, and my husband had changed into clean clothes, we talked. My work isn’t overwhelming, there isn’t that much to do, I am just placing an urgency on it that isn’t necessary. I am overwhelmed by life and a lack of routine. In two weeks, I had only worked out once. I wasn’t placing much emphasis on me, only “what comes next.” We went for a short walk after.

And today, before I “went to work,” I worked out in my front yard so all the neighbors could see. I got sweaty, I got my heart rate up, I challenged my physical self so my mental self could have a break. And it felt good. I have refocused my mind on work how it used to be, there’s no urgency to get in front of this screen and stay here for some time I believed to be set. I can breathe, and today will be better.

I understand now the need for a routine, a schedule that will balance out all of this “new normal” stuff. We put up a few examples on our social pages today, so if you need help with that too, check those out or let us know!