27 Oct 2020


Obesity by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

The CDC states, “Obesity is common, serious, and costly.”

The state of Florida is approximately 27% obese, and if separated into race alone, that percentage is higher for the Hispanic and black population. But why should we care? Why point this out?

Obesity is associated with several leading causes of death: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer. These medical issues can result in death, and in reduced qualify of life.

If death isn’t bad enough, it can also cost you financially. Preventive, diagnostic, and treatment can be expensive. It’s also costly if you are missing work due to sickness. Who benefits from obesity? The medical industry. They’re getting rich off people being overweight and unhealthy - in 2008, obesity-related medical care was estimated at $147 billion.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Fighting obesity would be easier if everyone got on board with tackling it appropriately, but not enough industries are willing to lose profits over making the change. That doesn’t have to stop you from choosing a better life.

Diet and behavior modifications plus exercise can combat obesity and its negative consequences. Even small changes can lead to dramatic effects. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following to prevent weight gain, but these are also the same steps to lose excess weight:

  • Exercise regularly - specifically 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise.
  • Follow a healthy diet - at Nika, we like the saying, “eat real food, not processed food.”
  • Know and avoid food traps that cause you to eat - this is where behavior comes in. Does stress make you eat high calorie junk food, or more food than normal? Do you drink excessive calories (sodas, sugary coffee)? Do certain people influence you toward an unhealthy relationship with food?
  • Monitor your weight regularly - we know at Nika that the number on the scale does not always reflect a healthy person, we use the InBody scan to get a more accurate view, but we also go by how you feel. So if watching the scale leads to stress and an unhealthy obsession, there are other ways to track to health.
  • Be consistent - consistency is key. Don’t start a diet plan with the goal of it only being 30 days, or a plan that should only be attempted for a short time frame. A healthy lifestyle is better than a 21 day fix. Make healthy eating and exercise part of your daily routine.

If you need help with knowing what/how to eat, and a safe place to exercise, Nika is here for you. Sign up for a No Sweat Intro to learn more about how Nika can help. We want to see you live your best life for as long as possible.