Not your average Mama

23 Dec 2020

Not your average Mama

“I am strong. I am beautiful. I am a mother.”

This will be the mantra given to women in our Mamas with Muscles group on January 11th. What started as a private instructional group for postpartum women on the ways of a healthy recovery from childbirth has turned into a loud scrum. Every week, these women do the unthinkable:

  • They get out of their pjs.
  • They leave the house with their babies.
  • Some choose to find a sitter for a hour of “me” time.
  • They lift weights that aren’t even pink.
  • They – on purpose! – sometimes sweat. Right through their t-shirts!
  • And get this: they don’t even wear gloves! Though they occasionally have to stop to feed a baby… or handle an explosive diaper. Life happens.

Yes, there are strong ribbons of femininity and support running through those layers of motherhood: headbands, knee socks, lululemon. Stretchy pants and pink shoelaces come hand-in-hand with gentle exercises to aid in postpartum recovery. Understanding mixes starting a journey back toward a healthier self all while finding balance.

If postpartum women need anything in life, it’s strength and a tribe. This is true whether we prefer it to be, or not. Whether we know how to ask for it or not. That’s why we’re Mamas with Muscles.

We all know about the “dad-bod.” How about the mom-bod? You know the body that grew a tiny human in it for 40 weeks (give or take). The body that birthed a tiny human - by either asking a part of their body to stretch beyond reason or by having someone cut them open; either way a tiny human emerged. Then through sleepless nights, that mom-bod figured out how to feed, change, nurture that tiny human while trying not to fall over. Partners are there to help, and definitely face their share of sleepless nights, but mamas seemed to be faced with more. While figuring it all out, they’re faced with constant self-doubt, and internal self-talk of, “Am I doing this right? How did my grandma raise ten kids under ten? That mom on instagram lost her baby weight by now. That mom in the grocery store isn’t wearing sweats. Am I good enough? When do I find the time?” (I’m writing this email while trying to keep my baby happy during tummy-time.)

These mamas are facing all this, while still getting it all done and raising awesome tiny humans! That’s why we have Mamas with Muscles! To celebrate them, give them a safe space to heal, and a community of support from other mamas getting it done as well! If you are a new mom or know of one, and what to find your tribe while also recovering from the miracle of childbirth, Mamas with Muscles is it!

6 Weeks – Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Time – 10am-1045Date - Starting January 11th

Sign up: Mamas with Muscles