How to Lose Fat “Right Here”

08 Jan 2021

How to Lose Fat “Right Here”

Forever, people have singled out every single body part and said, “I want to lose fat right here.”

The most popular “right here” areas: the stomach, the hips/butt, and the “wobble under the arm.”

I can and will tell you exactly how to lose fat in any of those areas—and everywhere, for that matter.

Here’s the scoop: You cannot actually aim fat loss at a specific body part. There are plenty of ads for products claiming that say you can “burn off belly fat” or “tone your legs,” but all of those are empty promises. There is no magic pill, lotion, wrap, or diet that can guarantee fat loss in one place.

The truth is, whether we like it or not, you must use fitness to reduce overall body fat. Each body is different and will ultimately decide where the fat will be lost, however if you lose any fat in general, you’ll likely improve your problem areas as well.

You can aid in the fat loss process by building a some muscle. I’m not saying you need to get bulky, bulging bodybuilder muscles. I’m talking about very small increases. Plus, you won’t become suddenly “bulky”—that’s a myth for another time but know that it requires intention, not a happenstance.

Nika’s Fat-Loss Program

You’re probably wondering, “how do you use fitness to reduce body fat and build muscle?”

There are lots of ways to do it. But let’s discuss how we do it at Nika, and how we guarantee it works! (You don’t have to take our word for it, just ask any of our members!)

We use a variety of cardiovascular training and strength training to burn calories and build muscle. That means you won’t just run for 30 minutes or just lift weights for 3 sets of 8. Our coaches guide you through programs that are perfectly designed to help people their accomplish goals.

Some days, a single workout might have two parts: one “cardio” element and a strength element. Other days, we blend cardio and strength training into one larger element. That would look something like this: Complete 5 barbell back squats at a specific weight, then run 200 meters—repeat both 5 times. And sometimes we do focus on either strength or conditioning in a single session. But overall, you will see a focus on both!

The result of this combination training? You will get stronger and build a little muscle. But you will also burn calories and body fat. Doing this regularly, you will see some muscle definition, but don’t expect your abs to instantly pop. That’s a long-term goal that requires a focus on nutrition as well. But you will notice that your clothes start to fit better, and you’ll notice some other visible changes. As you continue to log workouts, you’ll also see clear progress in your abilities.

Another big secret: You can accelerate your progress even more by improving your nutrition. (We can help with that, too!)

I want to think about the spot you want to lose fat. Your “right here.”

Now click here and come talk to us. After discussing your goals, we’ll make a plan for you and tell you exactly how you can lose fat everywhere!

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