You Are Powerful!

10 May 2021

You Are Powerful!

Where Mindset Meets Physics

I have been inspired by Stacey and last week’s focus on mindset. I want to share some foundational strategies to enhance the work you put into the gym each and every week.

In any given week, there are days when you walk into the gym hyped and ready to go. But there are also the days where it feels like the workout happens TO you. It’s like your participation in the WOD is strictly survival. You might be going through the motions praying for the clock to save you! I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Let’s look at that same experience from another angle with a present and positive mindset. You want to feel powerful, and the way you express that power is to see your hard work manifest positively in the world around you. As soon as you step foot into the gym, you set the tone that you’re here to push yourself to be better. When you stand over the barbell and hear the familiar beeping of 3, 2, 1 without walking out the door, you exercise power over your mind! By continuing to pick that barbell up and grind out just one more rep, you are bending that workout to your will.

It is not just a positive spin on the pain that shows you are powerful. We have physics to back up this shift in mindset! Functional movements are foundational to the CrossFit methodology and they are designed to help you “move heavy objects long distances quickly.” And guess what…that means power!

      Force x Distance

-———————————- = Power


The force you exert moves the heavy objects. Every movement has a distance whether you are running or squatting down below parallel. That work is divisible by the amount of time it takes you to complete it. This whole equation gives you an actual calculation of your power output. Whenever you make a change to any of the variables, you are impacting that calculation.

Benchmark WODs present you with a unique opportunity to see marked changes in your power output. Even if we had hoped to never see some of those workouts again (I’m talking to you, Karen!). Let’s take a look at what this means and how you can grow your power. Maybe you keep the weight the same, but you shave a few seconds off your previous time; that is increased power! Maybe you increase the weight and can come close to your previous time, that is increased power! Even the smallest positive change to the variables in your power output equation can make for long term gains and success.

The next time you show up to work, I challenge you to pick one variable of focus. Are you going to lift a bit heavier? Will you move a bit farther? Maybe you can push the pace a bit faster? The smallest change in any one of those variables, is a concerted effort to be more powerful!