Are you ready to start climbing a rope?

07 Jun 2021

Are you ready to start climbing a rope?

Learning how to climb a rope is not easy for some. They see someone race to the top of a 15 ft rope and think , “Wow, that’s awesome! That person has a lot of upper body strength!”

Watching my 9 month old daughter learn to stand is giving me a strong correlation to learning how to climb a rope. What you need is confidence and a little bit of strength.

Where do you need strength?

First, in your hands. Whether you’re holding onto an object for balance before standing, or hanging onto a rope, you need to be able to hold your bodyweight for a few seconds.

Second, you need a strong core. While holding onto an object or rope, you need stability before standing or to bring your legs up to your chest.

Third, the majority of that strength needs to be in your legs. Your arms do not pull you to stand, and they don’t pull you up a rope (at least not initially, when you have to do legless rope climbs, this becomes a completely different conversation). What gets a baby standing on their feet and someone up a rope is the ability to stand out of a squat.

The biggest component to a rope climb is confidence. If you can do an air squat and at least knees to chest on the rig, you have the strength to do a rope climb. You will need to practice the foot hold on the rope, then practice coming in and out of that hold while hanging from the rope and raising your legs. But from there, it’s all confidence. You have to believe in yourself, in the strength you have and the skills you’ve developed, even if you don’t have the strength to do a legless rope climb or even a pull up.

How many times do babies fall while learning to stand? But they keep trying, keep practicing until they’ve got it. And while they have no idea how confident they are, they definitely act like they didn’t just fall ten times. You can do the same thing!