Do you have goals? A coach can help you reach them faster!

25 Jun 2021

Do you have goals? A coach can help you reach them faster!

We all have goals. Whether it’s professional (meet a deadline, get a promotion), personal (learn to be more productive, sleep better), or health related (lose weight, get stronger, live longer).

But did you know that having a coach can help you reach your goals quicker?

One aspect where having a coach helps, accountability! You will have more success if you’re able to stay on task. If you’re making changes to your diet, working out more, resetting your mindset, having a person check in on you will keep you focused. A coach will ask: how your day went, what was your time or weight achieved on your workout, what you ate today, which habits are you feeling more confident with. Accountability is what most people need for goal achievement.

A coach can also help you reach goals by helping you explore avenues you didn’t know were holding you back. Say you’re trying to workout more often, but you’re not a morning person and by the end of the day, you’re just exhausted. At NIKA, we ask about your sleep habits and your stressors. Are you tired because you’re not getting enough sleep? Maybe you’re spending eight hours in bed, but you’re tossing, waking up constantly. Have you tried less screen time before bed? Making the room a little colder? We’ll explore everything until we get you to where you want to be!

If you’ve got goals, and again who doesn’t, we want to see you achieve them. Click here to schedule a No Sweat Intro to see how we can help you get there faster!