5 Simple Nutrition Tips for the Summer

15 Jul 2021

5 Simple Nutrition Tips for the Summer

We’re hitting the peak of Summer, it’s getting hotter, stickier, plus we’re all wanting to enjoy our summer faves: hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill! Sometimes the heat makes want to find something easy or cooling, which may lead us to unhealthy choices (hi, fast food and all the ice cream).

Here are five simple tips to keep you on track this Summer:

  1. Hydrate. This one’s obvious but it always needs repeating. Drinking enough water means you’re not drinking your calories, plus you’re keeping your body functioning at full capacity with appropriate hydration. Our tip to start the day off right, drink a full 8 oz glass (or bigger if you can) of water as soon as you wake up.
  2. Eat enough protein. Protein is essential to healthy functioning body. Some people are afraid too much protein will make them bulk but not enough protein means you’re body cannot recover properly. Aim to consume some protein at every meal.
  3. Eat vegetables at every meal also. Vegetables provide essential nutrients we all need, they’re also great carbohydrates that typically provide few calories. Eat a variety, or we like to say, eat the rainbow!
  4. Fruit can provide a sweet addition to your diet while also being a source of water! What says summer more than watermelon?!? On those hot summer days in the sun, put some watermelon in your cooler for a sweet, cool, refreshing treat!
  5. Don’t view food, nutrition, with an “all or nothing” approach. Enjoy your hotdogs and hamburgers, your family and friends cookouts, without guilt. Your nutrition does not need to mark all the boxes for healthy 24/7/365. Enjoy a dessert, a seemingly unhealthy meal without guilt! Find balance between a good meal and the bad ones. If you’re making changes, don’t give up after one bad meal or dessert, keep striving for healthy.

If you want help making healthier choices, we have nutrition coaches ready to assist! They can help you choose better options but also learn healthy habits! Click here to schedule a No Sweat Intro to discuss improving your nutrition.