12 Oct 2021


Here’s how others find happiness! How do you ensure your happiness?

Here’s a few different ways of celebrating happiness and kind feelings from our global friends out there:

  • Dugnad, a Scandinavian tradition that means voluntary work.
  • Aloha, a Hawaiian greeting and way of life for thousands of years, meaning compassion, kindness, respect and forgiveness. This spirit of happiness is what makes Hawaii rank first for the happiest US state.
  • Ubuntu, an African guiding tradition of “humanity toward others” and a feeling of “being in it together.”
  • Denmark’s hygge or the finding of the small simple aspects of life and enjoying them to the fullest. Lighting a candle, putting on a cozy sweater and eating warm comfort food would be the perfect example of hygge.
  • Lagom, the Swedish tradition of balance, not too little and not too much!

Which one do you practice already? Which would you like to try? Think about it and let me know.

Stacey Dofflemyer

Nika Athletics Mindset Coach

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