Uninvited Party Guests

08 Dec 2021

Uninvited Party Guests

Imagine throwing that beautiful Christmas party full of all of your favorites. You’ve made enough food for the allotted amount of folks and even bought a cute little gift for each one of them. PERFECT!

Now imagine you find yourself, on the night of the party, with some uninvited guests. Will you have enough food? You definitely won’t have enough gifts! Now what?

Sometimes during the holidays and other stressful times this happens to your feelings. Uninvited guests DUMP on your emotions. You still love these folks, but their emotions aren’t yours. Don’t carry them around, you have your own to work with….no need to carry others’!

When you find this happening, here’s a couple steps to separate your feelings from your “uninvited guests”

A. Take care of you and your house. By this I mean take care of your needs. It’s NOT selfish to take care of yourself. If you are feeling more positive and productive, you’ll feel stronger and you’ll be able to deal better with others’ negative feelings. Heck, maybe you could help them be more positive and productive, too.

B. Watch how YOU are FEELING! It’s ok for these uninvited guests to visit. We want to be good friends and help our friends, but remember to allow those feelings to leave with your friend. You spent your time with the uninvited guest like a good friend should. But don’t let them move in!

C. Don’t catch that “FLU”. Others’ negativity can be catchy. Wear your mask, take your meds. Be careful not to catch others’ feelings. Sometimes friends are venting, leaving you with their feelings. Know the difference. Let it drop, just like they are.

D. Check in with your feelings regularly. Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves aren’t true. What are you telling yourself? Does this person really need your help, or are they capable of fixing the issue themselves? If you find yourself spending too much time on other’s issues, give them back. If they are done with them, so should you be.

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Stacey Dofflemyer

Nika Athletics Mindset Coach

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